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Halloween Inflatable decor

Ultimate Guide to Halloween Inflatable Decorations

halloween inflatable decorations

As Halloween draws closer, people are sprucing up their homes with all kinds of cute and creepy halloween inflatable decorations. People go all out to make their homes and yards ready for the spooky season. You have the classic jack-o-lanterns, window stickers, door signs, and those are all great! But one kind of decoration is taking the cake (or pumpkin pie)–inflatable decorations. 

Inflatable halloween decorations have really blown up (pun intended) in recent years. They add charm to your yard like no other decoration can! If you are not familiar with inflatable decor, you might have some questions. But, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!  Keep reading, we will also guide you to choose the best fitting decorations for your home! 

You have questions–We have answers!

You might consider adding them to your decoration collection, but you also probably have some concerns. Are you wondering“how do I keep inflatables upright?” to keep the yard always looking perfect!  Someone might also have some safety concerns for cleaning electronic decorations, such as inflatables. Sometimes it rains around Halloween, so  your other concern might be “can inflatables get wet?” Well, not to worry! We’ll answer all your inflatable halloween decorations‘ questions and give recommendations to make your yard the spookiest it can be!

How to keep inflatable decorations standing?

Inflatable decorations come with string and yard stakes to stick into the ground. These stakes keep the inflatable standing and stable. Before doing that, you need to  inflate your decoration with the fan first–this’ll help you position the stakes just right. Pull the strings as tight as possible, and stick the stakes to secure them in the ground. Check to make sure everything is in place, and you’re ready to spook and delight the neighborhood! Be sure to keep an eye on them and adjust them when the weather gets rough.

Inflatable Decoration Setup Steps
Inflatable Decoration Setup Steps

Can inflatable Halloween decorations get wet?

Indeed they can! Inflatables are made of durable weather resistant fabric, so they’re protected against rain. Fan is water resistant most of time but please do not keep it in water for a long time. As long as you keep them out of puddles so the fan doesn’t get flooded, they’ll work perfectly.

Your inflatable may get dirty from the mud that the rain kicks up (thanks, rain). Now it’s time to clean your inflatable! But you might ask, “how should I clean it?” Don’t worry, we can answer that, too!

How to clean inflatable decorations?

If you’re looking for safe ways to clean inflatable halloween decorations, don’t fret. Cleaning inflatable Halloween decor is easy! There are quite a few ways to safely clean your inflatable decorations. One method is to wipe them down with disinfectant wipes. Another way is to use dish soap and water. Both of these methods will remove dirt and kill bacteria, keeping your inflatables clean while keeping the electronics safe. You can also try some environmentally-safe cleaning tricks, too. Try mixing warm water, castile soap, and baking soda to make an eco-friendly cleaner. Another method is mixing baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar, and olive oil together. Both of these will remove dirt and grime from your inflatables, making them as good as new!

So they’re easy to set up, easy to clean, and can even run during the rain! But can they stay on all day? Well, we’ll tell you!

Can you leave Halloween inflatable decorations on all day?

We recommend keeping your halloween inflatable decor on for 8-10 hours at a time, and then giving it a rest. This keeps the electric parts working their best for years to come. The best time is to have them on at night to really feel the Halloween mood!

Now you know all about inflatable decorations, and you’re ready to spook up your yard with some of your own! But which halloween decor inflatables are the right ones for you? Cute or scary? Big or small? There are so many options to choose from! Not to worry, spooks and ghouls! Read below to find out which ones are best for you!

Inflatable Yard Decor That Will Get You Pumped for Halloween

It’s time to get into the spooky spirit! To get you really excited for the Halloween season, we concocted a list of halloween decoration inflatable recommendations from our bubbling cauldron. It’s sure to put a spell on you! There are inflatable decorations for every theme and style you could think of. 

Invite One and All With These Innovative Inflatables

outdoor inflatable decor ideas

Outdoor inflatable halloween decorations come in all kinds, but these ones really stand out from the crowd! These unique and creative halloween decorations will be the talk of all your friends and neighbors. Your front yard shouldn’t get all the love–window decorations and tree huggers for your railings add that much-needed pizazz to your spooky setup as well. Your house will shock the neighborhood with all the ghouls and ghasts it attracts! Ghosts pouring out the windows, witches crashing into your home–now that’s scary!You can’t have a haunted house without ghosts, right? This 3.5 feet tall inflatable ghost window breaker is sure to break the mold (without actually breaking your window, of course). It’s also super easy to stick to the window:

  1. Zip up the inflatable to seal it–that way it won’t deflate.
  2. Inflate the decoration and secure it to your window with the suction cups and strings.
  3. Plug it in, and you’re all set!

Instruction diagram on window decoration installing step: 

window inflatable setup steps
Inflatable Window Insulation

The Inflatables That Inspires Your Imagination

Ghosts are stealing the spotlight, and the witches can’t have that! This 6 feet tall inflatable witch flew as fast as she could to take center stage. Uh-oh, she crashed right into your railing! She’s getting a lot of attention though, so she doesn’t mind staying there. You can also move her to your trees, your roof, or wherever you want! 

Maybe you’d rather stick with yard decorations. This cute 5 feet tall kitty wants to greet everyone he meets this Halloween! He’ll pop out of the pumpkin to welcome all to your home-sweet-haunted home. His warm light will guide your guests in the dead of night. Maybe you want to give your visitors a trip to outer space? And Are you are obsessed with aliens? Then this 8 feet tall UFO trap is one of the best fun halloween decorations for you that! You can literally climb into this UFO and get caught in its beam! Don’t forget to ask your friends to take photos that are out of this world. You’ll need something to remember your home planet! 

All of these are fun and spooky, but if you’ve got kids coming to your doorstep, you’ll need some kid friendly halloween decorations! These cute halloween decorations are sure to get the little ones excited for Halloween without spooking them.

Cute Halloween Decorations to Make You Go “Aww” Instead of “Ahh!”

cute halloween inflatable decor

Cute Halloween decor is a fantastic way to get kids into the holiday spirit without scaring them. The 5 feet tall candy basket ghost is a fun interactive way to greet your trick-or-treaters! Fill his basket with candy and let kids run up and grab their favorite treats! He’s eager to hand out sweets and smiles to everyone he meets. Kids also love cute cats, and what’s better than a cute cat with a witch hat? Welcome your visitors with the 5 feet tall cute witch cat! She’s purr to make your guests go “aww” with her big sparkly eyes. Who can say no to that face?

Maybe you want something to tickle some funny bones this Halloween instead. The 5 feet tall ghost carrying a giant candy bag will give some giggles for sure. He may have grabbed too much candy from the candy basket ghost. Someone should tell him to share! We’ve also got the cute wizard ghost, ready to greet everyone with a big smile! This 5 feet tall cute halloween decoration will make everyone feel welcome with that friendly face of his. He’s cast a spell on our hearts, and he’ll cast one on yours, too.

These guys sure are cute, but maybe you want to make a BIG impression this Halloween. We’ve got some inflatables in our list that are large and in charge!

Go Big or Go Home With These Giant Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Giant inflatable halloween decorations

If you really want to make it big this Halloween, choosing giant halloween decorations is the way to go. Want to transform your home into a creepy castle? The haunted house archway adds frightening and fantastical flair to your humble haunted abode. At 9 feet wide, this archway will invite your guests into your spectral palace. Looking for decor that’ll really make a breakthrough? The giant spooky ghost is a fearsome choice! Standing at over 12 feet tall, he asserts himself and makes his presence known to the whole neighborhood. He’ll leave a creepy shadow on your yard, adding to the eerie atmosphere. He’ll shine bright to make sure everyone knows he’s there and ready to scare! Pair him with the ghost window breaker and the haunted house archway for max horror. These decorations make your home seem like it’s really haunted with all the ghosts popping out!

Or if you want a large decoration that’s really creepy, roll this 12 feet long giant carriage out in your yard. The skull wheels and blazing hellflame will send chills down everyone’s spines. Hopefully those skulls don’t belong to anyone you know! Maybe he’s on his way to the 10 feet wide spooky tree archway, inviting attendants to their ruin. Pair this archway with a fog machine to make guests feel they’ve been sent into a creepy haunted forest. Everyone who enters will be afraid of getting lost, never to return.

These giant inflatables are definitely creepy, but we listed some truly haunting inflatables that’ll scare the daylight out of you. Read below to see our hair-raising recommendations.

Scary Halloween Decorations to Frighten and Terrify

Scary halloween decorations

The biggest appeal of Halloween for most is getting spooked and scared. These scary outdoor halloween decorations will do just that! People are obsessed with t-rex–why not make him part of your Halloween setup? Make your visitors feel they’re in a creepy Jurassic Land with the 6 ft tall jumbo skeleton dinosaur.  His sharp teeth and red eyes will strike fear into all who approach your home. Still going the skeleton route, the skeleton dragon inflatable will give guests the fright of their lives. This 8 feet long beast roars as his red eyes light up, intimidating all who draw near. Are you bold enough to approach him? Be careful–he’s not afraid to bite!

For a truly terrifying tone, the towering 8 feet tall warlock will spook your visitors. His menacing stare will paralyze guests in their place, leaving them scared stiff. He lights up so you know he’s there, always watching. Girls want in on the spooks too! Bubble up some trouble with these 6 feet witches and their cauldron! Who knows what mischief they are cooking up? By the looks on their faces, it can’t be good. Give your guests a fright with these looming ladies. Be wary, they may take your candy for their concoctions!

All of these inflatables are great, but maybe you’re looking for something more affordable. Don’t fret! We’ve included some cheap halloween decor to give you a bang for your buck!

Small and Affordable Halloween Decorations for the Best Value

Small and affordable halloween decorations

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Halloween decorations, but still want to make your home spark this season? Have no fear! These cheap halloween inflatables are here! These cheap halloween decorations will pack the same punch as the big guys. This 4 feet tall crashing witch inflatable will leave your visitors howling with laughter. But it’s not her fault she crashed! How was she supposed to know the tree was there? Her ghastly glow highlights her hilarious expression. Maybe you want a tree hugger that’s a little more mysterious? The 4 feet tall alien tree hugger fills all your paranormal needs this spooky season. He’ll hug your trees, your railings, or pretty much anything! Just don’t have him hug a person–he might bring them into space!

If you want to put your friends in the spotlight, the inflatable spider is a scary good choice. At only 4 feet wide, she lights up the night with her kaleidoscope projection, making her great for spooky dance parties. She doesn’t know how to dance, but she’s more than happy to light up the fun! Or maybe you want a small yet friendly companion for your yard. The 3.5 feet tall cute ghost inflatable may be little, but he’ll greet your guests with his cheerful smile. He’s kid-friendly and eager to join the trick-or-treating! This smart little guy will lead everyone to the best candy stop (your house, of course!) with his holiday-colored candy cane. 

We hope this list gave you some fun ideas for decorating your yard this spooky season. Halloween inflatables are a fun addition to any party, whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a Halloween gathering. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer plenty of fun for everyone! Check out more inflatable halloween decorations today!

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