You are currently viewing These Inflatable Halloween Costumes Will Blow Your Mind! [2023 Costume Guide]

These Inflatable Halloween Costumes Will Blow Your Mind! [2023 Costume Guide]

Eerie decorations, orange and black plastered all over town, pumpkins on every porch. It can only mean one thing…Halloween is coming! You know what that means–it’s time to get a new costume for the spooky season. Among all the costumes out there, one has certainly caught everyone’s attention: the inflatable costume. Inflatable costumes have skyrocketed in popularity, have you ever seen a viral video of the inflatable t-rex costume?

Inflatable Halloween Costumes Guide

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You’ve probably seen people wearing them in recent years, bouncing around and having a good time. Sure, they’re silly, but that’s the fun of it! You’re bound to have some good laughs when you’re rocking one of these. You might be wondering how they work, or what kinds of inflatable costumes you can get. If you find yourself asking these questions, read on! We’re here to answer all your inflatable costume questions!

How do inflatable costumes work? 

You probably have a lot of questions about inflatable costumes: Are they loud? Will I get hot in them? How much can I move around in one? How many kinds are there? We hear you, and we’re here to help!

Your first question is probably “How do these things even work in the first place?” It’s pretty simple! Inflatable costumes come with a battery-powered fan that sucks air into the costume. Stretchy bands at the wrists, ankles, neck, or waist keep the air from leaking out. The costume stays inflated as long as the fan is on. If the fan breaks, though, your suit will deflate. No one wants to walk around in a wrinkled mess of a costume. You can get a new fan here and keep the party going! Since we’re talking about the fan, you might have a few questions about it and how it affects the costume.

Are inflatable costumes loud? 

Worried about the sound of the fan ruining your Halloween fun? Worry not–the fan isn’t loud at all! The fan makes a quiet humming noise as it fills the costume with air. You’ll forget that the fan is even running once you start your night of Halloween festivities! Maybe you’re also wondering if the fan keeps you cool or not. We can answer that, too!

Are inflatable costumes hot to wear?

It seems like you’d get hot wearing a nylon costume all night, but it’s quite the opposite! The fan is constantly circulating fresh air into the costume, keeping you feeling fresh. We’ve included a diagram to give you an idea of how the fan works. Ride on inflatable costumes are also a great option if you’re concerned about feeling stuffy. Only your legs are inside them, so they’re a bit more breathable but still hilarious. Check out these ride on inflatable costumes if you’re interested! Now I can hear you already: “enough about the fan, how much can I move in these things?” You might be surprised to find out just what you can do in an inflatable costume!

Inflatable Costume Air Flow Diagram

Can you sit down in an inflatable costume? 

You might think you can’t move or sit much since the costume puffs up so much, but you actually can! You can sit, walk, run, even dance like there’s no tomorrow! But if you cover or sit down on the fan, the suit will deflate. As long as the fan isn’t covered, the suit will re inflate and stay inflated no matter what you’re doing. 

Just don’t puncture the costume–the fan can’t inflate a costume with holes in it.

With all your questions answered, let’s get into all the different kinds of inflatable costumes there are! You’ll find lots of adult inflatable costumes and inflatable costumes for kids in this list! The whole family can bounce and bop in these fun costumes!

Funny Inflatable Costumes That Will Make You Laugh 

People usually think “funny” when they think of inflatable costumes. Maybe it’s the way the heads wobble, or just that they look silly. If you’re looking for a funny inflatable costume, try one of these on for size! If you’re a fan of mysteries and the paranormal, the alien blow up costume will catch the attention of your friends, just like this alien “caught” you! The alien blow up costume guarantees an evening of laughter and memorable moments that are truly out of this world! Get your inflatable alien costume now!

Want to wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care? Try the inflatable tube man costume! Jiggle around in any of the 4 vibrant colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. Or get all the colors so you and your friends can jiggle all night! Get ready to steal the show and make everyone laugh as you jiggle, twist, and turn your way through the night. Dance like nobody’s watching, because when you’re rocking the inflatable tube man costume, all eyes will be on you! It’s a non-stop party with these inflatable tube man costumes!

The ride on snail costume is sure to be a conversation starter. You can go extra slow to really sell that snail look. But wait, here’s a twist for the speed demons out there! For maximum irony and amusement, strap on a pair of skates and become the fastest snail in the world! Zoom past your friends with lightning speed, and watch as their jaws drop in awe and laughter.

There’s also the ostrich ride on inflatable costume. No need to visit the Australian outback to experience this. Just put on your favorite cowboy hat and set off on a wild adventure! Whether you’re attending a costume party, or Halloween costume party, or just looking to add a touch of whimsy to your day, the ostrich ride-on inflatable costume is the perfect choice.

Funny inflatable costumes may not be your thing, and that’s fine! We got your back too! Check out the other fantastic costumes on this list, and you’ll find something that suits your style perfectly. From adorable to spooky, we’ve got a wide range of inflatables to choose from. So, pick your favorite and get ready to rock that party in your own unique way!

Cool Inflatable Costumes for Cool People

Cool Inflatable costumes 
Ride on t-rex inflatable costume
Giant squid inflatable costume
Ride on dragon inflatable costume
skeleton unicorn inflatable costume

If you’d rather go for a cool look than a funny one, you could try one of these super cool inflatable costumes. Live out your Halloween Jurassic Land dreams with the skeleton inflatable ride on dinosaur costume! Dinosaurs AND skeletons? There’s no cooler combo! Or rise up from the sea to give your friends the ultimate high-five (or high-tentacle) with the Moving Tentacles inflatable squid costume.

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Maybe dragons are more your style. The inflatable dragon costume is sure to go with your Game of Thrones cosplay! Fly around and save the day with the help of your noble dragon. Another great option near and dear to us is our very own mascot, Joy the Unicorn. She has styles for all seasons and occasions, even for cool Halloween costumes! Her skeleton look is a cool twist on the classic blow up unicorn costume, and is just as magical. If you prefer the cuteness of her original look, you might want to browse through the cute inflatable costumes to see what you can find!

Who says heroes have to be slim and muscular? Embrace your inner hero with our fun and quirky hero inflatable costume! With a round belly, holding a soda and a burger, you’re ready to save the day your way. Whether it’s a comic-con, costume party, or just having a blast with friends, being yourself is the ultimate superpower!

Hero inflatable costume

Have you seen an Axolotl? Time to meet our adorable Axolotl inflatable costume! The round eyes, pink body, and six cute tentacles make you look like this charming creature. Perfect for any event where cuteness is a must, you’ll be the star of the show with this uniquely lovable costume!

Cute Inflatable Animal Costumes to Make You Go “Aww!”

Cute animal inflatable costume 
Cow inflatable costume 
Pig inflatable costume 
Unicorn inflatable costume 
Dinosaur inflatable costume

Moo-ve over, ordinary costumes, and make way for our lovable inflatable cow costume! Maybe you don’t want to look funny or scary. Have no fear! There are lots of cute inflatable costumes for all ages! Bounce around in the inflatable cow costume! The cute, round pink belly will have everyone saying, “Wow, that’s udderly adorable!” Perfect for farm-themed events or just spreading smiles wherever you go. Grab your friends for a whole barnyard crew of fun!

Inflatable cow costume

Gather all your friends in cow costumes and storm down the street as a big herd. Or, get all your in these lovable pig costumes instead. Pink, pudgy, and proud, prance around all the houses oinking with joy.


Speaking of joy, Joy the Unicorn takes the cake for cutest inflatable costume (for us, anyway). She has the magic to fill everyone with, well, joy! Any cute magical accessory pairs well with her: magic wand, crown, you name it! Be the star of the show with our enchanting blow up unicorn costume! With its dreamy colors of light blue and pink, it’ll feel like you’re in a magical wonderland. The pointy horn and perky tail add a touch of whimsy to your look, making you the most adorable unicorn around. Perfect for parties, Halloween, or just making people smile wherever you go!

Blow up Unicorn costume

And of course, the inflatable dinosaur costume will roar its way into your hearts. Your friends can stick their heads in the dino’s mouth for a fun photo op! He won’t bite down, though; he’s too sweet for that. Maybe wearing one of these full body suits is too much for you–what if we told you that we thought a-head? (Pun entirely intended.)

Dinosaur inflatable costume

Get ready to crack everyone up with our hilarious inflatable chicken costume! With its wide-open beak, funny eyes, and colorful tail, you’ll be the clucking star of any event. Whether it’s a themed party or just a day to have some fun, this ride-on chicken costume is guaranteed to make everyone smile!

Inflatable chicken costume

Dun dun… dun dun… Brace yourself for the coolest costume in the sea – the inflatable shark costume! With its imposing tail, fearsome jaws, and the ability to ride a skateboard while wearing it, this costume is the epitome of coolness.

Inflatable shark costume

Dress like a Dinosaur!

Roar like a dinosaur and take a trip back to prehistoric times with our cool dinosaur inflatable costume! With a blue body, pink sunglasses, and a yellow hat, you’ll be the most stylish dinosaur around. The long tail adds a touch of fierceness to your look, making you the king or queen of any dinosaur-themed event!

Dinosaur costume inflatable

Get ready for some Jurassic fun with our adult-sized inflatable T-Rex costume! With lifelike digital printing and vibrant green skin, you’ll look like a real T-Rex ready to roam the earth. This ride-on style costume is the perfect choice for parties, Halloween, or just unleashing your inner dinosaur!

Unleash your inner fire with our skeleton dragon inflatable costume! With its black and white colors, big wings, and tail, you’ll look fierce and ready for action. The sharp teeth and claws add a touch of danger to your look, making you the ultimate creature of the night!

Dragon inflatable costume

Let your little ones become adorable little dinosaur with our dinosaur inflatable costume for kids! With a green body, big mouth, and cool tail, they’ll look super cool and ready for adventure. Plus, the face is exposed for easy breathing, making it safe and comfortable for hours of play and fun! Get ready for endless roars and giggles with this specially designed costume for kids!

Inflatable dinosaur costume for kids

Try An Inflatable Head Costume to get A-Head of the Game

Wobble head inflatable ideas 
pumpkin head inflatable 
zombie inflatable skull head inflatable 
inflatable dinosaur head inflatable 
inflatable alien head inflatable

If you’re not feeling like putting on a whole suit, then you’re in luck! You can try an inflatable head Halloween costume instead. These give you more mobility while keeping the hilarious head bobble! The zombie inflatable skull head is a great creepy choice. Your friends’ eyes will pop right out of their skulls once they see your eye popping out! Or maybe you want to put a fun spin on a classic costume idea. The inflatable pumpkin head is the perfect thing to top off your scarecrow costume. Glue some fake crows to your shoulders to really sell the look! (Or make friends with some real crows to make it more realistic.)

Want something trendier? The inflatable dinosaur head lets you customize your whole look without wearing the whole suit. Combine it with something completely different from it (like a cat or witch costume) for a good laugh. Plus, the head still bobbles around, just like the original! And you can have the same mouth-in-head photo op just like the cute one. Or if you want a head wobble that’s out of this world, give the inflatable alien head a go! Maybe you still want to eat your candy while you’re wearing the costume, though. We’ve got the solution for you!

Get Silly With These Ride On Inflatable Costumes

ride on inflatable costume ideas

Want the fun of an inflatable Halloween costume, but want something more breathable? The inflatable ride on costume is the perfect in-between of the full body inflatable costume and the wobble head costume. You don’t have to sacrifice movement to have a great inflatable Halloween look with these inflatable ride on costumes. Get tropical with the inflatable ride on flamingo! Bring the fun of the tropics to wherever you are this Halloween. Maybe you could get a little meta and wear a flamingo costume on top of the ride on costume. Flamingo-ception!

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Or are you feeling more magical this holiday season? Go for a Joy ride (see what we did there?) on our very own Joy the Unicorn and her inflatable ride on unicorn skeleton counterpart. We promise Joy won’t mind, she loves giving magical unicorn rides! And of course, we couldn’t leave out the king of inflatable ride on animals, the inflatable ride on dinosaur. Ride off into the jungle with your dinosaur companion and live out your wildest Jurassic dreams! (Can you tell we still got Dinosaur Park on our minds?)

We went over so many different kinds of inflatable costumes! The only question left now is: where do I even get one? And where do I get the best ones? Don’t worry, We’ll tell you where you can find all the best inflatable costumes!

Where Can I Buy Inflatable Costumes?

You could go to a store like Walmart to find a good inflatable costume, but it definitely has its downsides compared to buying online. There’s always a limited selection in the store. You’ll spend longer in the store trying to find one than you would if you were browsing online. Plus, with Covid still running rampant, do you really want to be around a bunch of strangers? Not to mention the costumes are usually outdated by the time they hit the shelves anyway.

Buying your costume online has the advantage here. You have way more options to choose from and can keep up with the current trends. It’s also COVID safe, since you’re shopping from your home instead of going to the store. You can also search for the kind of style you want (cute, funny, animals, etc.). No need to worry about sizes either, since inflatables are one size fits all! Plus, returns and exchanges are way easier online. No waiting in line at the store–just pack and ship and you’re all done!

We hope this answered all of your inflatable costume questions! Now you know how they work and all the different kinds of inflatable costumes that are available. We hope you found something you like in this list! Is there anything you’d like to see that you didn’t see here? Check out more inflatable costumes today!

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