Groundbreaker halloween decorations are the most popular with highest quality Halloween decorations.

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Groundbreakers are the perfect addition to your Halloween Yard Decorations. We also offer  animated groundbreaker that move around on their own! The Groundbreaker comes with a stake and plug for easy installation into the ground. The groundbreaker halloween decorations use durable plastic, so you can use it year after year.

Halloween Groundbreaker

It’s Halloween, the time of year when we make the most of the ‘spooky’ element of our personality. This can be a great time to explore creativity, self-expression and playfulness. Why not try something new?

The groundbreaker witches are a great example of a costume that you can make yourself. You could even go as far as creating some props to go with your outfit! You could even dress up as this character with friends and create a team!

It’s a groundbreaker zombie baby.

The animated crawling baby zombie groundbreaker is a great addition to your zombie collection. It will crawl around on the floor and make sounds like a real baby. The crawling zombie toy is perfect for anyone who loves zombies and wants to add some realism to their Halloween display or party. The crawling baby groundbreaker comes complete with a realistic looking face, arms, legs and torso. The body of this groundbreaker zombie is made from foam latex that has been hand painted for an authentic look. The eyes are made from glass and the mouth is open so it looks like the zombie is crying in pain.

Groundbreaker Zombie

Groundbreaker Zombies are a type of groundbreaker that can be found in the Groundbreaker Graveyard. They have a chance of spawning with an animated crawling baby zombie.

Groundbreaker witch

The Halloween groundbreaker witch decor is a great addition to your Halloween decorations, especially if you are looking for something different. This witch decor is a great way to add some color and excitement to your lawn, while also creating an atmosphere that will make your home feel like a haunted house. The witch groundbreaker’s material is plastic and it measures 6 feet tall. It comes with a straw hat, which measures 3 feet in diameter. You can place it on the ground, or on any surface including grass or dirt. You will want to place this item somewhere where it will not be disturbed by people or animals as it does not come with stakes or weights.