A tree topper is a decorative ornament placed on the top of a Christmas tree.  

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Christmas tree toppers ideas

Christmas tree toppers are a fun way to add a little extra holiday to your Christmas tree. Whether you are looking for a star, gnome, snowman. We have the best Christmas tree topper selection available here at Joyfy. 

Star tree toppers

A star tree topper is one of the most popular types of Christmas tree toppers. Traditionally, tree topper’s natural materials are like straw, moss and twigs. Today, these are still available but most people prefer artificial stars. Because they are easier to clean and maintain than natural ones.

Star tree toppers come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be hung on the top of the tree by their wires or branches. Or you can place them on top of a tall branch that forms part of the tree itself. Star tree toppers are also available in different sizes so you can choose one that fits perfectly on top of your Christmas tree

Snowman Tree Toppers

The snowman tree topper is one of the most popular symbols associated with Christmas time because it represents winter and snow falling from the sky onto our heads! 

Lighted Tree Toppers

If you want something that will add some light to your room, lighted tree topper is the choice for you. You can find different styles and designs that will match any type of décor or theme in your home. Some have other features like music or moving parts so you can use them as decorations throughout the year as well as during Christmas time.