All our ribbons and bows are available in a variety of colors, from traditional reds to silver and gold tones.

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Christmas tree ribbon and bows are a great way to decorate your Christmas tree, presents and more. They are also a nice way to add color to your holiday decorating.

How to put ribbon on a Christmas tree?

Ribbons are the perfect decoration for your Christmas tree. There are many types of ribbon available; from satin, velvet and grosgrain, you can find just about any color you want! The easiest way to put ribbon on your tree is with a paper clip. Simply open up the paper clip and slide it into the top hole of your bow. Then thread the ribbon through the bottom hole of the bow (the larger one) until it reaches the top hole (the smaller one). Next, clip off any excess ribbon and hang it from your tree!

How to make a Christmas bow?

Step 1: Take the ribbon and cut it into strips. The width of your ribbon will determine how wide your bows are.

Step 2: Fold each strip over itself and pinch together at one end with your thumb and forefingers. Make sure you leave about an inch or two of space at the top of the bow for tying later on.

Step 3: Create a loop by bringing one end around from behind and crossing it over the other end’s bow. Pull both ends through this loop so that it forms a circle around your fingers, then pinch it together again with your thumb and forefingers.

Step 4: Bring the two ends around from behind again, making sure they cross over each other in opposite directions from before. Pinch them together again with your thumb and forefingers, creating another circle around your fingers. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have enough loops to fit comfortably around your tree branch or wreath hanger—you’ll know when there are enough because they’ll hold each other in place without slipping off or falling apart when you pick them up!