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How to Plan a Fun Kid Valentine’s Day Party?

For kids, Valentine’s Day can be exciting holiday, that’s why there are many fun valentine party ideas. However, for some parents, it can be a headache getting the kids to agree on what to do for the day. One way to avoid this problem is by planning a fun kids’ Valentine’s Day party. Here are some great ideas that should help you plan a memorable event.

Valentine’s Day Party Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Bags

You can make these gift bags yourself or buy them off the shelf at any local craft store. The good thing about making your own is that you can design them according to your child’s favorite colors and themes, which makes the whole experience more fun and enjoyable. If you are not an expert at making things like these, consider letting the kids help out so they get an idea of how much effort goes into making something like this.

Decorate their room with hearts, flowers and pictures of their friends (or family members) on display so that they know who has given them such special gifts.

Valentine’s Day Novelty Toys

If you’re looking for something fun and easy valentine party ideas for the kids, why not make some cute Valentine’s Day novelty toys? Kids love toys,and You can use them as decoration on the dining table or gift them to the kids as party favors.

Valentine’s Day Prefilled Goodie Bags

Prepare pre-filled goodie bags for your guests. Fill them with small tokens of your love, such as heart-shaped candies, chocolate truffles, and other sweet treats. You can also include a little note or poem that you have written yourself.

Paper Heart Garland

The Paper Heart Garland is one of the great valentine party ideas to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. This craft requires only paper and tape, so it’s perfect for even the littlest hands. You can make as many garlands as you need using different colors and patterns of paper, or even hang them from the ceiling above your dining table or buffet table.

Prepare Kids Valentines Cards 

Kids love to get cards, so why not make one for them? You can make a card that says “You’re the best kid in the world!” or “Hope you have a great day!” and then add some stickers, glitter and other decorations to it. If you want to make it even more personal, draw a picture on it and write something inside.

Other fun valentine party ideas

Hold Kids Valentine’s Party Activities

Start your party with an activity where the kids can make their own Valentines. You could have them decorate their own boxes with construction paper and markers or paint them in bright colors. If you have enough space in your home, you could even have them make valentines for their classmates, which would be great if you are having a class party!

Another fun activity is making cupcakes or cookies shaped like hearts or other Valentine symbols. You can buy pre-made mix or use one of your favorite recipes and add sprinkles or candy hearts on top of them once they are cool enough to handle. You can also get creative with frosting colors – pink or red are traditional colors but brown, black and purple are also popular choices these days! Kids love both valentine party ideas very much!

Most popular valentine party ideas-Make Valentine’s Day Treats

If you’re not into the whole “Valentine” thing, try making some treats that taste good no matter who gives them out. Try making heart-shaped cookies or brownies — just be sure everyone understands that it’s not about being romantic but simply an excuse to eat sweet food together!

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