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2023 ultimate Easter party ideas and inspiration

Written By Ryan Barrett

Why are Easter Party ideas so important this time of year? Imagine the scene: Kids run around you and through your legs almost knocking you over. One little one zooms behind a tree. The other dive bombs through some bushes. A few pile on top of each other in the grass like an American football dog pile. Just as you go to help these poor little sugar-high creatures a hand pops out of the dog pile. Like a zombie hand breaking through the Earth at a cemetery. Except it’s not green and decaying; this is not a Night of the Living Dead flashback. It’s Easter! And now that Easter is approaching a similar scene to the one above might be coming to a front lawn or home near you!. 

What does Easter celebrate?

What does Easter celebrate? The answer to this seems simple: color-dyed egg hunts and children overdosing on chocolate bunnies. With a Hallmark on steroids level of marketing that goes on every Easter holiday, no one would blame you for thinking so. But actually, there’s a deeper meaning to it all. A lot of you probably know this. That Easter is a religious holiday that celebrates when Jesus rose from the dead like a zombie with beautiful hair.

Though many of us only celebrate the Evangelical Avengers endgame of Easter, everything begins two months earlier with Lent. For many Catholics, Lent is 40 days of fasting and praying. The last week of Lent is when all the spiritual fireworks happen. It’s the week when people celebrate the last supper, Good Friday, leading up to the headliner of this religious Woodstock Easter Sunday.

The Pagan Dilemma

So let’s address the giant elephant, or pink bunny, in the room. Like Christmas, many of the traditions and symbols of Easter, such as bunnies and eggs, are pagan. Many many moons ago, Easter celebrated the spring equinox for all those tree-worshiping, and soil-bathing pagans. And an equinox is when both hemispheres of the Earth get the same amount of daytime and nighttime. See, these good-natured early Charles Manson lived by the rhythm and beat of nature. So when there is a balance in nature, such as the equinox, it’s kind of a big deal. It’s like in a turbulent marriage, the few sacred times when mom and dad are getting along. That’s the easy part of the Easter story. It gets a little more complicated when we come to the symbols of Easter.

Do Rascally Rabbits Lay Colorful Eggs?

Eggs are probably easier to understand when it comes to their Easter connection. In both pagan and Christian beliefs eggs represent rebirth. In paganism when winter turns to spring and in Christianity Jesus Mary Poppins out of the tomb. Easy enough to understand right? But rabbits?? What in the pagan world does Bugs Bunny have to do with Easter?  For this pagans are solely responsible. The pagan goddess of fertility, Eostre was a rabbit. Rabbits reproduce quickly and have bunches of bunnies at the same time so it must have seemed an obvious choice. 

How then do we end up with bunnies delivering eggs? A couple of reasons. When German immigrants came to the US in the 1700s they brought their Easter traditions with them, which included symbols of the egg and bunny. Things kicked off though when greeting card companies (*cough*Hallmark*cough*) began marketing holidays full throttle in the 1800s. From there Easter cards inundated with a vomit of pastel colors, bunnies, and eggs spread across America like a pretty plague. 

In this day and age, we are still biting into chocolate bunnies and finding plastic eggs. Which is great. But sometimes they fall a little short, making the little ones huff and puff with boredom after they learn they’re going on their zillionth egg hunt. To fight this boredom, or just take your Easter festivities to the next level, let’s look at not only how to celebrate Easter. But different accessories you can use to put the Egg-citing in egg old easter traditions.

How to celebrate Easter?

So, how to celebrate Easter? There isn’t a specific way to festivate Easter per se. There is an egg basket bunch of ways to celebrate it. You can choose just a few traditions or many. From painting and hunting eggs to decorating your house in Easter colors, the ways to celebrate are versatile, to say the least. Below we’ve listed different ways and accessories to celebrate Easter. Use one of these tips to spice up your already preplanned party. Or use all the tips and accessories to create a party from scratch!

Must Have Easter Home Decorations Ideas 

The weather is starting to get warm, birds are chirping and the flowers are beginning to bloom. For some of us, snow is beginning to melt. It’s the perfect opportunity to decorate the inside and outside of our house for the coming of Spring. Some of you have probably started to scratch your head. Decorate? For Spring??? YES! Like pagans and Christians did of old, decorating for Spring and Easter is a great way to acknowledge rebirth, regeneration, and the changing of seasons. Heck, if anything it’s a good way to add something new and exciting to your Easter traditions which might seem a little dusty and dull after so many years.

Maybe some of you are nodding your head in agreement at the idea of Easter egg decorating ideas. However, nodding your head with a look of worry. Because what the heck are you going to decorate your house with??? Or are you worried we’re going to mention DIY decorations when you already barely have time to buy decorations? Not to worry! Below are different Easter decorations we offer on our site for the inside or outside of your house.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

It’s starting to warm. The chirping of birds and dinging of children’s bicycle bells fills the air. With the coming of Easter, things are starting to feel festive, yet something is missing. You wish there was a way you could decorate your house in Easter celebration. You’re so excited to decorate you make for the Christmas lights and stop, realizing what season it is. Not to be defeated, we offer plenty of outdoor Easter decorations that will fill your need for festive! 

On our page, we have a pastel plethora of outdoor yard sign sets. These sets include ‘hoppy’ bunnies, colorful eggs, and even garden gnomes. And if you’re looking for something to brighten up those spring nights we have Easter egg string lights. These egg-shaped lights will give your house that Christmas light feels but in Spring!

Top pick Bunny Easter Inflatables

Lights and yard signs are great, but sometimes we need a little more. For that, we offer a wide array of Easter yard inflatables. Many of our inflatables contain a smiling Easter bunny with inflatable pastel eggs. If the kids thought your Easter egg hunt was boring last year, wait till they have one in a garden of inflatables! They’ll be bouncing off big air-filled bunnies and eggs in a joyous attempt at finding colorful eggs.

Best Easter party favor and decoration you can’t miss

Maybe inflatables just won’t cut it. You need decorations that are versatile and good for the inside of the house. Try fitting a big bunny inflatable in your kitchen. Even if you have a large kitchen the bunny’s head will look bent against the ceiling. Your Easter celebration will be filled with high pitch screams from all the scared children who think the Easter bunny broke its neck. Not to worry we have a plethora of indoor-outdoor decorations that will cause the good kind of scream. Our Easter bunny table decorations look perfect as a centerpiece in the dining room or anywhere around the house. Our Easter gnome decor sets are perfect for placing indoors or outdoors. And to place around these Easter gnomes and eggs we offer different selections of trim-colored grass. This pastel paper grass will make any indoor living room into a bouncy bunny’s nest!

Egg hunt Easter party ideas

The whistle blows or a dad says ‘GO’ and the little basket-donning ones are off! Scouring the tall grass or climbing a tree, or wow the little ninjas are repelling from the roof! And all this just before 9 AM. It’s Easter morning and the hunt has commenced! The age-old tradition of Easter egg hunts, where parents have fun hiding Easter eggs and kids have fun finding them. And while the hunt is a tradition that is sure to be at least a little enjoyable it is a tradition nonetheless. Sometimes these traditions gather dust with age. With age, the games can become tiring at best and boring at worst. Our store has a few egg hunt tricks up its sleeve to put an exciting twist on these traditions. It’s time to blow the dust off!

Egg Shells

One thing you can do to blow the dust off egg hunt game traditions is changing what you fill the eggs with. One idea is to fill the eggs with an IOU such as ‘Mom does chores for a week’. Or ‘One free ticket to a movie with dad’. Another idea is to make your egg hunt themed. Such as a Willy Wonka theme. Whoever finds the egg with the golden ticket inside wins! For that kind of Willy Wonka game, we sell a set of golden eggs that would get the little ones in the chocolate factory spirit! If you wanted to not necessarily change the rules of the egg hunt but change the theme we have eggs for just that! For example, our sports ball eggs would be perfect if you wanted to decorate the hunting grounds like a football field. Even dress the little hunter up in sporting equipment for the full effect!

Prefilled Easter Eggs

No one denies the joy of Easter egg hunts. But they can tend to have a dark or downside. Kids vying for eggs filled with chocolate or other candy.  Ripping open those eggs and consuming unhealthy amounts of sugar. By the end of Easter Sunday, many kids are crashed from their sugar highs and are sick to their stomachs. We offer a couple of words that every parent will surely love to hear ‘candy alternatives’. We have sets of prefilled Easter eggs that come filled with anything from animal mochis to jumbo Easter eggs with monster truck toys. These prefilled eggs are also a great way to switch up your traditional egg hunts. You can play egg scavenger hunts where children have to find eggs filled with different toys in a particular order.

Easter party food ideas

The egg hunt is over. The kids barely make it inside before they crash from their chocolate bunny and come down onto the living room carpet. Ah, peace at last. But another grumbling begins. The grumbling of adult stomachs. This is where you pull out your fine assortment of Easter party food ideas to impress your still-conscious guests. Or this is where you freak out because you don’t have any Easter food ideas for party prepared. If this is your fear, or you just need to replace your tired old Easter recipes with something new, here are a few Easter party food ideas.

Traditional Easter Foods

If you’ve never actually made Easter foods before, the traditional tried and true are a good place to start. Like a roast ham or lamb, chocolate desserts, and hot cross buns. If your guests are vegetarian or you eat something else and you want to disguise it as traditional there are a few easy hacks. When you serve the food you can use Easter themes on the dining table such as pastel tablecloths, Easter egg decorations, and/or flowers lining the table.


It’s more likely that if you’re throwing a big Easter celebration you’ll be serving appetizers. Especially if your party is before or after a major meal time. A great list of Easter appetizers to get you started are smoked salmon, small sandwiches, deviled eggs, or bacon-wrapped asparagus.


Desserts might be the most popular Easter party food ideas as they will be consumed as appetizers, before a meal, or definitely after a meal. Kids get to cram all those sugary peeps and chocolaty bunnies down their throats, why can’t we?! A few easy ideas are marshmallow eggs, no-bake banana pudding, and of course what Easter party ideas wouldn’t be complete without the Easter bunny’s fav- carrot cake.

Easter cookies are probably the best option when it comes to desserts. You can make many to serve your whole party in a limited amount of time. But what are Easter cookies you ask? They’re just regular old sugar cookies dressed up in Easter clothes. And how the hoppy egg are you supposed to dress them up?? Easy. Get some easter pastel-colored frosting and sprinkles and Easter cookie cutters. We have a great selection of Easter cookie-cutter sets here. Your guests will be surely impressed when they find out you made 100 perfectly decorated Easter cookies. They might not even believe you as these look professional!

Fun Easter Party Games

They then take off! A dozen or so tiny feet stomp through the grass, prowl the shrubs, and ascend the stairs. They’re finding eggs with the same zest as racehorses. Kids, powered by chocolate bunnies, run like racehorses. Quickly they found all of the eggs in less time than you anticipated. You must now keep the beasts in check. Not at all a simple task. Rehiding the eggs is one of several egg hunt Easter party ideas. However, there is a significant chance that taking away their eggs may distress them. Or they’ll grow weary of playing the same game again and over. Do not fret! Here is a list of both Easter party ideas for games so you are less likely to run into this plastic egg situation.

Easter Sack Extravaganz 

Potato sack races are as classic as baseball and hot franks. What if you could incorporate them into Easter egg hunts?  We have a wide selection of potato sack sets on our site that will give you many different ways to dress up the traditional potato sack race. Have them race like a traditional potato sack race but they’ll be grabbing eggs instead of potatoes. For this, we also have a set with plastic spoons for an added level of the game. Or another game option is to have a traditional Easter egg hunt, but the wee ones have to hop around in a potato sack. You could even call this the ‘Hop ’n Hunt’!

Carnival Crazed Games

If you’re looking to take a break from egg hunts try a few carnivalesque games. These will not only add a new layer of excitement to your Easter party ideas but will give your party a fun circus vibe. Any kind of bean bag toss will give your Easter celebration a perfect carnival touch. Our site offers anything from can bean bag toss games to a tic tac toe-themed toss game. Use one of these games or use them all! Either way, your party just got a whole lot more Ringling Brothers!

Never forget to prepare Easter gifts for your guest

Gift bags for Easter might be more essential than you think. Gift bags? Isn’t that a birthday thing? It is a birthday thing, but at the same time, it should be an every-party thing. Handing out gifts for Easter is a great idea! It’s great for young kids as maybe not everyone found as many eggs as others. This way they still leave the party with a bag full of goodies and a big smile. For adults, gifts can be a nice way to incentive attending your get together. Because let’s be honest, most adults dread going to kiddie functions and do it mostly for their kids. With a nice gift bag, it will soften them up to the idea. They might even enjoy the Easter celebration!

Easter gift bag

So you’re done shopping and you have all the party favors and gifts ready to hand out to partygoers. You separate and organize them nicely. Now to put them in the…party bags! Where are the party bags!? Oh, you forgot the party bags. You run to the cupboard and all you have is brown paper lunch bags or plastic grocery bags. You could use those, but your gifts might look like more of a handout at a canned food drive. If this is you, fear not! Our site has an excellent selection of Easter gift bags to accommodate party favors and gifts of every shape and size. We have anything from Easter-decorated tote bags to canvas handbag sets to large plastic tote bags.

What if you have nothing? No favors or gifts, let alone bags. You’ve been reading this whole thing in utter agony as you have nothing and no ideas what to do. Not to worry we offer pre-filled goodie bags that will save you the time and trouble buying oodles of party favors and bags on top of that.

Easter Basket

Now we come to one of the most important parts of Easter party ideas-the Easter basket. Whether you want the kids to use them to collect the eggs or as a way to put together party favors, Easter baskets can be utilized in an assortment of ways. We offer a bunch of traditional woven basket sets. However, if you are tired of those sets we offer a bunch of wildly decorated and exciting baskets. For example, a large plush chicken or unicorn basket, or even felt bunny tote bags! These cute and colorful baskets might just become the main attraction at your next Easter party, begging the question ‘Easter Bunny who?’

An Egg-Cracking Conclusion

Having an Easter Party means you need certain party supplies to keep the kids on a sugar high busy. Otherwise, they’ll get bored and turn their attention on you, or god forbid the inside of your house. Searching your pockets for eggs or smashing a vase because they think there’s an egg inside. Hopefully, our plethora of plastic eggs and Easter alternative decorations will keep the little Easter egg zombies busy and your party on an egg-cellent vibe!

Searching for the perfect Easter decoration? Look no further! Explore our extensive collection of exquisite easter decorations that will bring joy and beauty to your Easter festivities. Elevate your decor with delightful inflatables easter that are guaranteed to impress. Don’t miss the chance to browse through our amazing selection of easter blow ups.

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