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What to get kids for Valentine’s day? [Ultimate Guide]

Written By Ryan Barrett

2023 best valentine's day gifts for kids
2023 Best Valentine Gifts For Kids

Before we think of Valentine gifts for kids, let’s go back to the beginning.

What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s day? Roman soldiers? Probably not. Unless you want a big hunk of leather-clad ancient Italian as a Valentine! However, these Roman soldiers are responsible for our current incarnation of Valentine’s day. Way back when around 268 CE marriage was illegal for soldiers. Guess having a family made them weak on the battlefield. Our heart-loving hero, a priest named Valentine, thought this incredibly unjust, and performed marriages in secret for the soldiers. Fast forward to now- how the heck did we get from a superspy hero priest to candy hearts? Well like any holiday in the US it’s a mixture of pagan and Christian traditions. The English poet Gregory Chaucer wrote while in prison about ‘sending’ a Valentine. Fast forward to the 19th century, the British candy company Cadbury invented heart-shaped chocolates to sell more chocolates on Valentine’s day.

These days imagine how your kids feel if you feel bored with the same old valentine gifts for kids. There’s a slight calm perhaps as they look down in defeat at those colorless chocolates. Then a meteor shower of dark cocoa gobs meteor shower comes reining down around the house. And if you happen to be a school teacher, try giving your students the same boring candy hearts. How long does it take for them to start chucking at one another out of boredom? Not to worry if you’re reading this! We have plenty of new and exciting Valentine’s gifts for kids that are a great candy alternative! And don’t forget to use our coupon code. Because life doesn’t have to be like a box of boring chocolates. It can be a plethora of exciting gifts at a coupon code discount off!

What is valentines day for kids?

valentine gifts for kids
Valentine gifts for kids

Valentine’s as we all know is a day of smooches and chocolate. Boxes of chocolate, chocolate roses, chocolate fondue. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Make those expensive dinner reservations and call grandma to babysit. Valentine’s day might as well be called ‘Adultine’s’, right? Wrong! Ask yourself, ‘Is Valentine’s day for kids?’ Thinking of those expensive dinner reservations and romantic rose pedal-lined baths, you might say no. But instead, think of your own kids or childhood. 

Before there were romantic dinners and wet kisses there were candy hearts and booger-encrusted noses. Boogers aside, Valentine’s Day is just as much for kids as it is for adults. Think about when you first started celebrating. Your earliest memories are probably somewhere in the realm of grade school. Giving a heart-shaped card to a friend. Getting a box of candy hearts from another. This is the first time most of us get in touch with the holiday of love via Valentine’s day gifts for kids.
Undeniably one could even make the argument that Valentine’s day is mostly a kids’ holiday. Or at least more important for kids. Exchanging Valentine gifts for kids and candy is an opportunity for kids to show appreciation and love for one another. For many kids, this might even be the first time showing appreciation to a friend. It’s a vital time for children to develop how to love and appreciate each other. Through Valentine’s day cards for kids. And Valentine’s day crafts for kids. It’s a formative time that has the potential to teach kids how to appreciate and love their fellow humans.

Valentine’s day gifts for kids they will whee-ly like

And what better to assist kids’ expression than kids Valentines gifts or kids Valentines cards? A lot of the time kids(let alone adults!) cannot find the proper words to express how they feel toward one another. This is why the proper Valentine gifts for kids is so essential. Through these Valentine’s day gifts for kids, they will be able to express themselves.
However, oftentimes kids get bored. Bored of the same old thing. If they give out the same tired candy hearts or heart-shaped sticky notes, the only thing they might be expressing is boredom through whine-tinged groans. Additionally, boredom often turns nasty. Tempers flair and things go flying. To avoid heart-shaped candies flying like ninja stars one needs to up the gift game. From interactive Valentine’s day crafts for kids to gifts that will make Valentine’s boredom a thing of the past. We have an excellent selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Because let’s face it, the only thing that should be flying on V-day is Cupid’s arrow!

Valentine day crafts for kids that are outta this world

valentine crafts for kids

One essential part of Valentine’s gift-giving should be the actual making of the Valentine gifts for kids. Making Valentine crafts for kids they’re going to give or get. This gives the gift a hands-on aspect that will make kids feel more involved with the present. It will mean more to them, and therefore they’ll have a greater appreciation for the gift and the person they’re getting it from or giving it to. 

We have a plethora of Valentine crafts for kids that will keep their hands busy and minds growing. Perhaps your child groans when you pull out the same tired Valentine’s card for them to sign. Our heart-shaped scratch pad is a great way for them to pen a loving message. And with the colorful background as you scratch it will encourage a child’s creativity. And how they can use this colorful background in their overall message. If your kids are constantly pretending to be an airplane, flying around the house, check out these zoomin foam Valentine airplanes. These are a perfect solution for boys who might be ‘allergic’to hearts but love planes. And you want to give them a Valentine’s gift anyways!

valentine gifts for kids

 Gifting our selection of colorful clay to child and or their classroom is another excellent hands-on Valentine ideas for kids. It will encourage kids to share and build together, subsequently developing social skills at the same time. The clay comes in a variety of colors and will encourage kids to build the things they are learning about in school. You want them to learn about different dinosaurs? Or different shapes? This color clay is your answer!

Valentine cards kids are our heart heroes

The most classic of classic Valentine’s gift is a card. Valentines cards for kids. Ever since Chaucer scribbled that love poem on a prison wall, the Valentine’s card was born. Sure, giving someone a concrete prison wall slab as a card might be difficult, but you get the idea. And in our modern times, Valentine cards for kids have evolved past a piece of thick folded paper. Sure those Valentines cards with toy or candy are great…the first few times of receiving one. But give the same loved one the same old Valentine’s card and they’re going to force a bored smile and say an unenthusiastic thanks.

Cards that fire up imaginations and melt hearts

How do you think kids react then? If a decorated piece of paper can’t hold your attention then imagine how 30-grade schoolers will react. There could be dead silence. Or there could be an eruption of kiddie energy lava from a bored volcano. Either way, we realize this! That’s why we have attempted to change the Valentines day toys and card game. Crazy candy heart and Valentines ideas for kids it up a bit! Our selection of Valentine’s day cards will not only turn your kiddo’s hearts into cups of piping hot chocolate. But they will also inspire your kid’s creativity and ideas of what a card is and can be.

Animal cards that they will like bear-y much

valentine gifts for kids

Our most traditional is our 72-piece Animal Greeting Card set. These Valentine cards for kids are perfect for your little ones that are animal crazy. If you’ve ever been in a 1st-grade class, you know that more than half the students melt over kittens and puppies. Unicorns alone can cause a riot. Our Animal Cards not only have these classic animals, but each card has a play on words tailored to the animal. Your kids will not only get a great card but build their vocabulary and language skills. There are so many great Valentines day activities to be had with these wonderful cards!

Calling all parents

And for those of you parents that want to give cards and a trinket to the whole class, we have the card for you. Imagine all the times when you stuffed a pen or lolly pop in your Valentine cards for kids. You then have to invest in tape or an envelope and hope the surprise stays in place. The best you can hope for is an awkwardly soft envelope. For something more aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time, we developed Valentine’s Cards with a lollipop or pen holder. 

Do you ever think it’s strange that we ask our children to make Valentine’s day cards? But then don’t even pretend to mail them? We have come up with an iconic expression Valentine Cards set where they can at least pretend to mail their letters. It comes with a box for the kids to put their letters in. So if you’re a teacher, having a party, or a large family this is a perfect way to ‘mail’ letters to one another. It can also be a great way to play mystery love letter swap!
Now Valentine cards with toy is no problem! These are also decorated with animals and their accompanying play on words. Now you’ll never have to worry if your treat falls out of the envelope!

Purr-fect valentine cards with toy

What if a card could be more than a card? It could be a toy or a card. Your eyes might be lighting up as a child would at this prospect. Because usually, you might include a toy in your kids Valentines cards. Or even more strenuous, have to include little toys in all the cards your child hands out in class. That’s why we came up with Valentine’s Cards with toys. These are great 2-in-1 that will not only save you oodles of time. But they also provide a fun toy that will improve a child’s fine motor skills.

Stress relief is the best relief

valentine gifts for kids

For some of these, we offer toys of the stress relief ball variety. You might start to scratch your head at this. Stress relieving? For kids? Yes! Kids have a lot of pressure and stress with school and friends. And although it might not manifest as eating a box of chocolates and watching bad TV dramas, it still exists. Most of these stress relief balls are hands-on and hands-oriented. Which is also a great excuse for them to put down their phone or tablet. Let’s be honest. Although you like the peace when a child picks up the phone, you know it’s also part of the cause of their stress.

 V-Day Fidget Fun

valentine gifts for kids

We don’t have to tell you about the fidget craze if you have kids or are around them constantly! That’s why we have created an assortment of Valentine’s cards with some form of Valentine fidget toys. Imagine your child’s and their classmate’s surprise when they receive our Valentine’s card with a pop fidget toy. These cool cards not only come in an assortment of designs. Also, the key chain pop does too! From pop butterflies to unicorns, any classroom will sound like an exploding bomb of bubble wrap! These fidget toys are multi functional! Hang them on your backpack for a year-round Valentine’s accessory!

 Keep the stress relief balls rolling

valentine gifts for kids

We also offer cards with a stress relief ball and stretchy rope fidgets. You might even like the squishy toy for yourself! It’s great to squeeze these stress relief balls as your check emails, or god forbid, pay bills! If your kids are more prone to fun string check out our fidget stretchy string. Braid them together like yarn or make twisting patterns! Check out this video and see the look of excitement on this girl’s face as she sees the fidgets for the first time! And she matches the Valentine fidget toys with the different cards to give out to her classmates.

Toy valentine vehicles they will vroom over

valentine gifts for kids
Valentine Gifts For Kids

Now some kids might not fall for Valentines cards for kids with fidgets. Especially cards of the pink and purple variety. These kids are boys, of course. That’s why we have come up with different Valentine’s cards that come with toy cars. The toy car Valentine! Like our animal cards, these cards have a unique play on words related to cars. Such as ‘I wheeled like you’. The only downside of introducing these at a party is that kids will be begging for them yearly! These cards with cars are a great way to promote teamwork and friendship in a classroom or large environment. Give each kid one of these cards and they’ll have races or play city. Better get some tracks ready for the house or class

Valentine days kids toys to swoon for

In addition to cards with cars, we have a wide array of Valentine’s Day toys. Because let’s face it not everyone is vroom car crazy! Whether it’s Valentine’s plush toys, Valentine’s slime, a Valentines day necklace or even Valentine’s gnomes we have one or many toys to pique a child’s interest. 

valentine squishes

Our iconic expression squishies are in the same fidgety family as Valentines slime or Valentine rubber ducks. These give a child something to do with their hands that is productive and improves coordination. And on top of that, they express different feelings and are a great way for kids to express themselves and build vocabulary.

Bomb the bath with hearts

valentine bath toys for kids

For the bathroom, we offer heart-shaped bath bombs. Just make sure your kids don’t try to eat them because they look like giant candy hearts! These lovey-dovey bombs each come with a different scent that matches the color of the heart. Along with providing a loving message on each bomb, these will also give you all the benefits of a bath bomb. These bombs are great for the whole family as they hydrate skin and are a great way to relieve stress. Check out our previous bath bomb blog for more info! Additionally to go with our bath bombs we have an assortment of Valentine’s rubber ducks. These are decorated with hearts and though Valentine-themed will be used year-round.

valentine building blocks
Valentines Building Blocks

And if you have a large class or family of boys who are little builders our building block Valentines are perfect. They come in many different animal forms to build and are not only a great gift for Valentine’s but any holiday.If you are looking for a gift that will encourage a child’s fine motor skills this is it! Check out this video and see for yourself!

Cube fidget toy
Cube fidget toy

And for something that isn’t exactly Valentine’s-themed but makes for a great Valentine’s toy or party favor, check out our cube fidget toys. These are small and portable and easy to take anywhere. Kids can practice making different patterns or even animals with these! Also, talk about  building life skills, these cube fidget toy will not only develop cognitive skills but vocabulary too! Kids might learn the names for different animals or whatever shape they’re building along the way!

valentine gnomes for kids
Valentine Gnomes

For something to truly express all the loving emotions of V-day check out our iconic expression Valentine cards with squishies! These are a great way for your kids to learn about different emotions and express themselves. They also work as great stress relief balls for all you parents out there!

Valentine’s Day is the next best thing to Christmas

Since the days of jolly ‘ol Cadbury, Valentine’s day has grown into the second biggest holiday. To put this into perspective, nearly 60 million pounds of chocolate are consumed in that one day! Now we get to our modern V-day celebration. The Valentine’s of today has evolved far past the simple box of chocolates. For something more exciting Valentine gifts for kids that will turn those bored blank faces into smiling blasts any of the above products will do! Such as are array of sweet, yet healthy chocolate alternatives! And don’t forget, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. But that handy discount code at the top of the page makes everything a little more certain!

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