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There’s Snow Toy Like Ours That Whole Family Will Love For 2022 Winter

Written By: Ryan Barrett

Best winter snow toys
Snow Toys

As Ned Stark of Game of Thrones infamy ominously proclaimed, ‘winter is coming, did you buy some snow toys?’. Ok, maybe not the snow toys bit. For the following 5 seasons thereafter the Game of Thrones alumni kept reminding us ‘winter is coming.’ Hey Ned, and the rest of you Stark Family funky bunch- winter is here. It comes and goes every year. Maybe like Ned you and your family feel stuck inside.  Your kids need something to do, but the pummeling of snow makes the prospects of outside winter play seem slim. As you are aware, we are not living in a Game of Thrones World. There are plenty of fun winter activity options for your and your family. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to find out! 

Fun things to do in the winter

Like most families, you enjoy the winter. If you live in a place where it snows or travels to one for a vacation you want fun winter activities. Skiing, snow boarding, snow sledding, building snowmen, or a classic snowball fight. At this point, you might be at risk of becoming John Snow.  You’re starting to dread the phrase winter is coming. You’ve taken the same vacation and had the same winter fun for the past couple of decades. That skiing trip has become dull to the point where you’re about to turn into a Ned Stark. Fortify your house and wait for white walkers all winter. It doesn’t have to be that way, the white walker way. 

Change is always a solution. Change it up! Try a new kind of winter vacation, winter sport, or winter activity. A lot of these winter activities, for your kids or family, benefit from different toys or props.  Let’s take a look below at the different activities and toys you can use to put the spice of fun in them!

‘Tis the ski-son to be jolly for winter snow activities

Maybe Ned, Robb, Stanis, and Mr. John Snow himself would have had a better time in winter if they lightened up a little. Had a little fun! How often do you hear Winter is coming as if it’s bad? A dreaded thing.  Staying tucked away all winter in a broom closet hoping a white walker wouldn’t eat you with ice chips for holiday happy hour. Especially if you have a family big or small. Your little ones are probably supercharged 24/7 and in constant need of exercise. On top of that winter can be a tough time as it’s not so easy to go outside. We offer a bunch of products that will not only make it easy for your kids to find something to do but for you as well. Heck, our snow toys will have you and your family itching for winter. 

If you do happen to live in a snowy place you’re probably well aware of fun family activities to do in the wintertime. And if you aren’t you’re probably looking for fun things to do, especially for the kids! Either way, there are ample fun things to do that you might have never considered.

Snow toys for kids

Is snow sledding the first thing that comes to mind? Where is the snow tubing near me you ask yourself?  Snow sledding in any form is fast and feeds our need for speed. The bread to our sledding butter is the sled itself. You can’t drive without a car. You can’t fly without a plane(though many have tried!). Sledding is no different. One huge difference, though, is that it takes a lot less to sled. All you need is a cardboard box! Whether you’re a sledding veteran or an infant using a cardboard box is a great way to start or change things up. And of course, buying a new snow sled is one way to renew sledding enjoyment for you or your whole family. 

A snow ball fight is another classic winter activity. As classic as it gets. It’s the steak and (flying)potatoes of winter activity. There are many ways to dress up a snow ball fight for your kids. You can build forts, do target practice, or even try snowball shot put! You will be joining in with your kids in no time!

Let’s take a closer look below at the different winter activities below and what you can do or buy to make them more exciting!

Don’t have a cow man, have a snow ball fight!

Remember getting smacked in the face by that white cold ball of light? It’s exhilarating and probably happen to you many times as a kid. And now happens to your kids. Or you imagined it happened to you as you grew up in a snowless environment. All you could do related to snowballs as a kid is dream of them. Whatever the case may be the tradition of snowball fighting in the US dates back to the Civil fight. At least recorded. In 1863 some confederate troops, out of boredom or trying to repress their guilt, started trading friendly snowball fire. This erupted into a 9-thousand-rebel brawl. If only all wars could be solved in a hail of soft white snowy powder.

People have also come up with clever names for snowball fights throughout the decades. During the Great Depression snowballs became known as ‘hard times sundaes’.

There are plenty of ways for you and your family to enjoy a snow ball fight. Regardless of what you call them, or if the bad guys in a war were the ones who invented them. Even in the summer! Since the invention of the fridge people have been freezing ice all year round to blast snowballs at each other in the scorching summer months. If you think it sounds strange try it with your kids once, and most likely it’ll become a lifelong tradition.

The different ways to enjoy a snowball fight are bountiful, to say the least. But where to begin? First, we must start with the foundation. The marrow of the snowball fight. The snowball. You might think I’m insulting your intelligence here. Duh, it’s the most important. But the perfect snowball might be more important and difficult to make than you think. If you have less-than-perfect snowballs they might fail to fly as fast or far as you want. Falling short of your intended target and leaving you open for a creaming.

Let’s check out how to make the perfect snowball so you or your kids can avoid being slaughtered like lambs as white as snow.

How to make the perfect snow ball?

As a rule of thumb, think about physics when making snowballs. The second law of Physics states heavy things require more power to move quickly or to alter their direction of motion. The greater the force, the greater the acceleration. Heavier snowballs will fly farther and faster. Making them heavier means making them denser.  Packing as much snow as you can into the small round shape of a snowball. Hey, who knows, soon people might be calling you Sir Isaac Snowballs!

There are a few more handy things to remember once you’ve mastered the art of snowballs. Make as many snowballs as you can and store them in a garbage can, tote, or plastic bag for future use. Your kids will love having a silo of snowballs as well! 

Also, do not ever stop making snowballs. Make additional snowballs whenever you have the opportunity or some breathing room. If you have a son or daughter they can do this for you. Three-year-olds will especially love when you make them your designated snowball maker. The last thing you want is to run out of snowballs when you need them. If you feel a little irritated, or you know your kids would, at that statement, worry not! We know it isn’t that easy to make solid snowballs in a timely manner, especially for your little ones. That’s why we offer a great solution!

Snow ball making steps
how to make a snow ball
How to make a snow ball?

Unquestionably the best way to make a perfectly round snowball is to use a snowball maker. If you’ve ever tried to make a snowball you might agree with this. Now matter how smooth we try to make it with our hands it can still come out like a beat up tennisball. Here are four simple instructions how to do it:

  1. Look for a flat area of snow that is deep enough to scoop and open the clamp of the snowball maker.
  2. Dig the snowball maker into the snow. Close the clamp tightly around the snow.
  3. Squeeze the clamp extra tightly around the snow to make sure your snowball will hold together.
  4. Open the clamp and dust the excess snow off your snowball. You’re ready to throw!

Since the beginning of human civilization, progression has been a vehicle moving in the forward direction(mostly). Wonders of human invention continue to be improved upon. Fire, the wheel, the steam engine, the internet, iPhone, and…the snowball! Confused? Just think of it as snowball maker 13, or the iSnowball 13(or is the 14 coming out this year?). We’d like to think that your snowball-making experience will be enhanced to that of an iPhone 14! And you won’t even need rocks!

Snow fight must have- Snow ball maker

Our snowball makers are a great solution to all of your snowball problems! As stated above if making snowballs is a trying process our snowball makers will shell out tightly packed snowballs at a dizzying pace. These snowball makers are a great way for your kids to make snowballs. They’re shaped like a garlic crusher with a cylindrical cup on the end. So they don’t have to use their hand even. This is great as they won’t be complaining every 30 seconds of freezing fingers. 

Wouldn’t one way to enhance your snowball fight experience is to build a castle and/or fort out of snow? You and your family can build opposing castles. A mom castle and a dad castle. Or a brother and sister castle. With our 8-piece snowball maker set, you can do just that. It comes with 4 snowball makers, a shovel, and a few castle molds. The castle molds also make for excellent targets. This is great if you want to take a break from pummeling or getting pummeled by balls of ice! Your kids will love it and it will give you a chance to keep them busy and take a much-needed breather!

Snow ball maker
Snow Toys– Snow ball maker

Snow Soccer is the Ultimate Outdoor Fun

Have you ever thought it’d be nice to combine the worlds of soccer and snowballs? Ok, maybe you haven’t because it’s sort of strange. Strange like peanut butter and fried chicken sandwich with pickles. That sounds pretty good! And so does soccer snowballs! Our 6-piece soccer snowball maker shapes snowballs in the mold of a soccer ball. This is great for a large family or birthday party where a bunch of folks wants to kick around some snowy soccer balls!

Build a snowman that will make Frosty jealous

Who doesn’t know the Christmas jingle “frosty the snowman was a ……”? By now we know it to the point of wanting to put a flame under the loveable snowman’s icy frame! But what if instead of wanting to melt Frosty you could make a snowman of even more epic proportions? With all of our snowball-making sets above you can not only make a snowman but make a new kind of snowman. Build a snowman made out of not just three snowballs but many! Your snowman might end up looking like a bionic terminator snowman from the future!

Also with our snowball-making sets, it’s easy for a family of any size to make snowmen together. If you have a small family our 3-piece snowball maker would be perfect. And a large family our 8 piece set! Each family member can use one maker at the same time. This way everyone is involved in making snow balls to build your snowman with. Your family snowman. Who knows maybe it’ll even turn into a snow tradition man!

Stomp through the snow and make footprints or footprint angels

We all know the classic winter activity of stomping through the snow or making snow angels. Usually, as children, we first start stomping through the snow and then learn how to make snow angels. But what if we combined the two activities? This is a fun outdoor activity to do if the snow is very thick. Your kids will especially love it. There is nothing better as a kid than rolling around in soft snow! Stomping allows anyone, big or small, to carve out an angel in snow many feet deep! It’s also an excellent way to hone our creativity and get inventive with what an angel looks like! You can even end up having a family snowman competition!

It’s the winter sport wonderland time o’year

Though the first organized winter or snow sports happened in 1896, known as the ‘Nordic Games’. However, the origins of humans competing on the slopes go much farther back. Ski pieces dating from 8000-7000 BC were unearthed in Russia. Skiing was a big part of life in icy places like Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.  Eventually, it must have seemed like great fun skiing to hunt a massive elk with your mates. Then family and friends must have caught on to the excitement. Creating makeshift medals out of elk horns and petrified mammoth tusks. Another winter sport that has thick roots is snow sledding or tobogganing.

According to records, the First Peoples of Canada utilized miniature sleds to move their goods and food between sites. Fast forward to now we have everything from Olympic bobsledding to kids zooming down a backyard hill in a cardboard box. Let’s take a look below further at the different options and modern incarnations when it comes to sledding for you and your family.

Less boob tube, more snow tube

Snow Tube
Snow Toys-Snow Tube

A favorite winter activity of the majority children is snow tubing! And what snow toys you will need? A snow tube. Ok, your finger might be scratching the creases of your scalp in puzzlement.  Perfectly understandable. Because after all, don’t tubes belong on the water of the non-snowy variety? Though floating down a raging or lazy river in an inflatable plastic donut is great fun so is sliding down an icy lane! Just imagine your son or daughter spinning merrily on a snow tube.  The look of joy froze on their little face! 

We have an excellent selection of winter snow tubes that will breathe life into the somewhat has been a tradition of sledding. Especially if you have kids of any age. They get bored easily. Changing what you use as a snow sled will have them begging for sledding trips! 

We have three different snow tubes to choose from. A flamingo snow tube, a Santa tube, or a psychedelic purple, yellow, and green swirl tube. These add another layer of spinning excitement to tubing. Not only that they will tune any photo to Instagram stylings. Just take a look at the Instagram reel below!

How to inflate an inflatable snow tube?

How to inflatable snow tube

Inflating a rubber tube of any variety(especially snow tubes) can be a tricky task, to say the least. The result is often people think they got the wrong size and/or defective tube. They fill it up and it seems too small. To avoid this here are some simple steps you can follow to make your tube is reaching its fullest potential:

1)Place your snow tube cover on a level surface.

2)Ensure that your snow tube leash is not caught in the snow tube cover.

3)Insert the rubber inner tube into the snow tube cover, valve stem up.

4)Place the valve against the front of the snow tube cover.

5)Flip your snow tube cover’s pocket up and out of the way for easier inflation.

6)Your snow tube will be about 45-50”.

7)Begin inflating your rubber inner tube with an air compressor until it begins to take shape. It will be soft and easy to modify.

8)Place the rubber inner tube in the snow tube cover, making the air valve still facing forward. Your PSI will be a zero.

9)Continue to inflate your snow tube until it seems consistently filled. This is the moment at which people phone or email, believing they got the incorrect size inner tube. This is also the final opportunity to make modifications for centering the inner tube and air valve.

10)Continue inflating until your snow tube is the dimensions on the manufacturing instructions and ready for the snow. Your PSI will be a zero. (picture 4)

high quality snow tube

If the rubber inner tube of your snow tube begins to crumple or fold in on itself, it is overinflated. This mostly begins with the air valve. Your PSI will be a zero.

Luckily our snow tubes are incredible easy to inflate. They are made of high quality, heavy duty PVC fabric. They are anti-scratch and waterproof which makes them easy to inflate and deflate. The handles attached to the side of the tube make it easier to grip the tube while inflating.

Snow Sledding

Method of Snow Sledding
Method of Snow Sledding

What are other top snow toys? Snow sled! As mentioned above there is more than one way to make snow sledding interesting again. As mentioned building a sled out of cardboard is one way. Building a sled out of cardboard is a great family activity! In many places in the US, they have cardboard sled races which are not only based on speed but creativity.

This year, for example, in Midland City, Michigan the annual cardboard sled race will be called “Get Off My Lawn”. During the event, participants are invited to decorate their sleds in their favorite lawn ornament style. Pink flamingos, concrete geese, and garden gnomes. When you start seeing someone riding a big pink bird down the slopes as fun and exciting, you’re on the right track! And the main moral of this is to constantly change up your sled, and your vehicle. Whether you make one out of stuff you can find around the house or buy a new one, changing it up is a way to stave off the activity from becoming dull. Surely if you have kids you know the importance of keeping it exciting. When they become bored is when the danger sets in!

And for those of you who don’t have time to make a sled we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to check out our selection of sleds!

Where to buy snow sleds?

Snow Sled
Snow toys– Snow Sled

Now we come to the daunting part of buying snow sleds. Where to buy a snow tube near me? Like anything, you could locate your local vendor of snow sports. Though this is an option, it can most of the time be a trying one. Say you live in a hot and tropical place but are planning a family winter trip. It’s doubtful many vendors are slinging out sleds in sunny Boca Rotan or blistering Phoenix, Arizona. And then there are also the convenience and safety factors.

Buying something online is not only convenient but also safe. Any of you out there with a family and a 9 to 5 life know the importance of saving time. And not having to leave your house saves you not only time but the gas money. Saving money is a huge plus for a family of any size. Not to mention shopping online also prevents you from coming in contact with the seasonal flu or Covid.On our site, we offer many different options for sleds. For inflatable snow tube, we offer three different kinds. There’s a 2 piece set that looks like a sharply decorated boogie board. We have a giant inflatable that looks like a river raft and can fit up to 3 people. Finally, a UFO snow tube can fit up to two aliens comfortably.

Saucer sled

saucer sled
Snow toys– Saucer sled

What other fun snow toys are? One can imagine that the invention of the saucer sled came shortly after that of the traditional wood and steel sled. Who knows, maybe it even came before. Maybe one day someone fell over while taking out the trash, landing butt-first on the lid. By the time they reached the bottom of the snow-capped hill, the terror had turned to elation. Before anyone could ask if they were ok they were already halfway up the hill for another ride! If this reminds you of you or your little one we have a few options for you.

For the saucer sled, we have a 2-piece or 3-piece set that is good for a medium to large family. A great two person snow sled for a brother and sister comboto say the least! Not exactly saucers, but made of the same hard plastic we offer a pair of heavy-duty snow sleds. These are the long, traditional sled shape and have a rope at the front to make them easier to drag up a hill. As a mom or dad, that is a big plus! Pushing a kid up a hill on a sled is tiring!

Sledding, skiing, and other winter fun outdoor games using snow toys are ancient activities that people have been doing in one form or another for thousands of years. You and your family probably don’t use a sled as your main form of transport as some indigenous nomadic people did once upon a time. But like them, you probably do find snow toys an enjoyable family tradition or a winter joy you or your children have discovered for the first time. Whatever your situation our online shop runs the gamut of snow toys.

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