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4 Adorable Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (candy-free)

Red hearts, candy, and roses too. Happy almost Valentine’s Day from us to you! For adults, this holiday is about celebrating Cupid’s romantic arrow, but kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day too! In fact, it’s the perfect day to teach your kids to celebrate L-O-V-E in all its forms. With that said, we’d like to share a few Valentine’s Day party ideas so your little cherubs can get in on the warm and fuzzy feelings this holiday can bring.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas 

Whether your kids are preschoolers or in grade school, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by playing games, handing out candies, and writing valentine notes to friends and family. Make sure to send your kid off with pre-printed valentines and pencils, so they can participate. If you’re a teacher, stock up on valentine cards for everyone in the classroom, so no child is left out of the fun. Additionally, our pre-printed valentine cards with little gifts make excellent party favors too! Check out this list below for our Valentine’s Day party ideas your kids will love.

Play outside with bubbles

Valentine cards with a little gift make the day even more special for little ones. Check out this set of Valentine’s Day cards with mini bubble maker wands. This set includes 32 cards and wands with 4 lovely card designs, each with a cute character. Bubble fun is timeless and an excellent way to get kids outside and engage with the world around them.

Enjoy a special Valentine snack-time

Next up, make their snack time “romantic” by handing out cards with reusable drinking straws. The bright colors and loops will make washing the candy down with a cold beverage all the more satisfying. They also work to distinguish each kiddos drink. Why not teach the kids to “cheers” each other with their cups and reusable straws!

Write notes for loved ones

What is the most important aspect of Valentine’s Day that kids should learn? The art of the handwritten love note! Have your littles write notes to family and friends telling them how much they appreciate them. Make sure they have a great pencil and note card, like these Cupid’s Arrow Cards. Or grab this valentine card set with with rainbow pencils.

Just make sure the kiddos aren’t nosy about each other’s notes! You want everyone to feel free to express themselves! Also, what’s better than a sharp pencil? A pencil with a sharpener!  Nose ifs, ands or buts about it!

Play Games like Valentine Decoder

Looking for an interactive activity? Give the kids a top secret mission! Decode the loving message so they can share the messages with each other. The kids will enjoy working together to uncover the secret messages on the cards. Each card has a different decoding game with a charming message that will brighten the children’s day and spread the love!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Maybe you decide to host a gang of your kid’s friends over for Valentine’s Day dinner. Order some pizzas, throw on some tunes and make it a glow in the dark dance party complete with glow stick valentines

There you have it, our Valentine’s Day party ideas for the kiddos in your life! The rules are simple: Eat candy (if allowed), play games and hand out valentines. Throw in some laughs and a few hugs and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the sweetest Valentine’s day they won’t soon forget! XOXO!

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