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18 Fun-filled Toys and Games to Play on Easter Sunday 2022

Are you planning a family gathering for this year’s Easter holiday and in need of some good old fashioned family entertainment? As we explored in our previous Easter post, this holiday can be a cheerful day spent gathering with loved ones, cooking up a delicious meal and weather permitting, playing outside! And along with games, Easter is a wonderful time to get crafty –as in… we’re just dye-ing to color some eggs over here! In this post, we’re showcasing a few traditional Easter games we learned about and also highlighting some of our favorite Easter games, toys and crafts from our collection.

What are traditional Easter games?

Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday, however even those who don’t share in Christian beliefs can still take part in traditional Easter games like the ubiquitous Easter Egg hunts, as well as egg dances and egg tossing. Easter games are fun to play with the whole family and can enliven a cheerful springtime spirit (while also being an effective way to burn off Easter brunch, hehe). 

Egg dance  

Here’s a traditional Easter game you may not have heard of. Egg dancing is an ancient custom brought to England by the Anglo Saxons in the 5th century. The Saxons had pagan customs like celebrating the spring festival of Eostre. This game involves people (usually blindfolded) dancing around eggs placed on the ground and trying not to step on them. Egg dancing is still played today in parts of Europe –particularly in the UK and Germany. 

Egg hunt  

Every year on Easter, towns and cities across the world organize Easter egg hunts for children. Kids excitedly clutch their baskets as they frantically scour the lawn for colored eggs and candy that a certain floppy-eared creature left behind.    

Apparently, the first account of a rabbit dropping off eggs was written in the 16th century! Children left shoes out for the rabbit to leave eggs and gifts inside. Nowadays, egg hunts can be found anywhere! And many are public events that any child can participate in. So, come with your own bag or basket and hop in on the fun!

Egg tapping

Egg Toss Game 

Egg tossing is an easy, straightforward game putting your hand-eye coordination to the test. It’s a traditional game played at family reunions, birthday parties and summer camp, so there’s a possibility you’ve played this before. However, it can be messy, so if you’re looking for something with less clean-up, give this game a shot!

What other games and activities can you play on Easter Sunday? 

In this section, we want to tell you about a few more Easter activities we created just for you! Because we have an assortment of party games along with arts & crafts that will bring the magic of this holiday to your little ones. 

Easter party games

Having people over for Easter? Why not set up different play area stations with games. All your little peeps will excitedly run out the door once they get a look at all the fun to be had outside.
  • For a fun and easy game the whole family can play, check out this Inflatable Bunny Rabbit Ears Ring Toss Game (2 Set & 12 Rings). This game will definitely occupy your little ones’ attention as they utilize their hand-eye coordination and counting skills. 

Games are perfect for Easter events, the classroom, or church activities!   

Easter arts & crafts 

As you’ll see below, there’s tons of arts & crafts options to make your Easter holiday even more egg-cellent.

Uploaded image

Egg Dyeing

  • We all know that Easter and egg dying have been going on for generations. It’s like, truly mind-boggling how many ways there are to dye eggs! The silk tie ones are so cool!
  • If dyeing eggs isn’t your thing, why not set up this adorable spring-themed 12 piece Wooden Magnet Arts & Crafts Painting Kit. This paint your own magnet set will unlock your child’s creativity and is a great activity to engage in for some off-screen play. And this set is also perfect for classroom art projects, family craft time, birthdays and more! For ages 3+. 
  • Now for maximum Easter cuteness, our 6 Pcs Coloring Animal Squishy Set for Easter includes: 6 squishy animals in 6 different designs, 2 painting brushes, and 1 set of paint tubes. Squishy toys will bring your kid’s imagination to life plus, they’re amazing stress relievers! This set is wonderful to have for Easter DIY art & crafts, Easter basket stuffers, and party favors! 
  • If you can’t pick just one Easter craft activity, how about trying a combo pack? This Easter Craft Assortment Kit will get your kiddo’s creativity flowing as they create mesmerizing Easter-themed art that will occupy their attention for hours.

Best toys for an Easter gift exchange

Finally, we’re aware that school gift exchanges are an activity as old as time. So, it’s safe to say your child will need to bring an Easter-themed gift somewhere. We have you covered! Have a look at our wide selection of pre-filled eggs with surprise toys. Additionally, if you need colorful egg shells to put a treat inside, we can help sweeten up your celebration. See our top picks below!   

Prefilled eggs 

Egg shells
  • Watch your little one’s eyes light up with joy as they open surprise treats inside our Painted Jumbo Easter Eggs. In 6 different colors, this set is ideal for goody bags, school classroom awards, holiday gifts, grab bags, spring-summer toy pack, rainbow-themed party, carnivals and more!
  • 48 Pcs Plastic Printed Bright Easter Eggs. Set includes 6 colors each with 8 different Easter designs and patterns. 
  • Next up, have a shiny hoppin’ good time finding the golden eggs with this 67 Piece Shiny Golden Easter Eggs + 5 Metallic Eggs. Set includes: 67 fill-able gold eggs plus 5 metallic eggs in silver, green, blue, purple and pink.

Wow folks, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed these egg-stra special finds for your family fun. Be sure to get outside, get hunting and have a very Happy Easter!

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